Month: June 2012

  • Double Book Review: Books With Weird Titles Edition: Wool and Draculas

    Here are two books I’ve read recently, with not much in common other than having weird titles and being released directly to digital. Wool, by Hugh Howey Wool is the first in a long series of books about wool about people living in a mostly-underground silo after some sort of apocalypse makes the outside world […]

  • Light and Dark in Daily Deals, one of those daily deal Groupon clones that everyone got sick of, often posts questionable deals. Some are only useless or frivilous (oh hi Justin Bieber tooth brush), but others are actively deceptive. One such deal was for a “Crystal Bala Bracelet With Magnetic Hematite Beads.” While careful to avoid specific health claims, they […]

  • Snowmen

    I’ve been going through my old Google documents as I organize my Google Drive, and came across the following CBC story contest that I entered a few years ago: We are looking for you to send to us a brief story (100 – 250 words) using the following opening and closing lines.Opening: “The snowman grinned […]