Podcasting, RearView, and The Squib Network

Do you like being entertained through your ear holes? Maybe you should check out this podcast that I’m co-hosting. It’s called RearView, a reference to the fact that it’s like a backwards and more penis-filled version of The View. It may also be a reference to butts; we have talked about poop a few times already.

The other hosts are local legends Jon Pilon, Kevin Van Lierop, and Mike Wickett. We record these 2-3 minute episodes during marathon sessions in which we drink as we go. Thus, it will get sloppier as time goes on, before resetting on a new topic category. Topics range from people to movies to what seems like random words put together. (E.g., an upcoming episode covers “what is the weirdest thing for a baby to smell like?”)

RearView is part of a larger podcasting network called The Squib Network, with other shows by local voicesmiths. You might actually learn something from Welcome to Geekdom and Six Degrees. Already, there is a show coming out every weekday. Pretty incredible for a project that didn’t exist half a year ago.

Anyway, if you’ve got 2 minutes to spare, tune in and see if bite-sized chunks of drunken rambling are maybe your thing.

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