Month: January 2012

  • One Thousand Posts

    This is my one thousandth post here.1 With every post at a few hundred words, that is several textbooks’ worth of rambling. When I invented blogging circa 1995, I never thought it would go this far. Of course, blogging has also taken a step back. We now have a word for a whole category of […]

  • iBooks, eBooks, and Episodic Writing

    Apple announced a new version of iBooks for iPad on Thursday, focusing on how it can deliver inexpensive textbooks to students. It’s being pushed as a revolution in education, but does the same update have applicability outside of the classroom? Aside from the (often gimmicky) interactive widgets and other benefits of electronic books, they offer […]

  • A Critical Analysis of London's "City of Opportunity" Unofficial Theme Song

    Photo by Scott Webb When London Ontario’s mayor, Joe Fontana, revealed an unofficial theme song for the city, reactions were, to put it kindly, not positive. If you haven’t seen it, here (fast forward to 1:19:30) is the awkward unveiling that would be right at home on one of the “so uncomfortable it’s funny” sitcoms […]