Month: October 2011

  • #Shorterfilms and Being Trendy on Twitter

    For the past two years, I’ve been on the board of the London Short Film Showcase. One thing I’ve been doing is running contests on Facebook and Twitter to promote the event (next Saturday at 7pm! Come!). On Friday, I posted this pair of tweets: I figured a few local people would enter, which would […]

  • London Ontario Zombie Walk 2011

    Yesterday was a beautiful day for London’s fifth annual zombie walk. I know I promised last year that I’d dress up this year, but, like, stuff is busy. I did at least get a chance to go snap some pictures, as per usual. Here they are…click for bigger. It’s always a highlight when the zombies hit […]

  • iOS 5 = Win, iCloud = Fail

    Yesterday, Apple released an update to its iPhone/iPad operating system, iOS 5, alongside its new backup/syncing/interweb thing, iCloud. iOS 5 iOS 5 is beautiful. You can read a complete list of new stuff elsewhere, but some of the new features really improve the devices that iOS powers. Notifications were a useless mess before, but now […]

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