Month: September 2011

  • The Banana Incident: Perpetuating Racism by Suppressing Satire

    A few nights ago, a hockey fan threw a banana at a Wayne Simmonds, a black hockey player, during a game at the John Labatt Centre here in London Ontario. The symbolism of it was probably intentional, and it’s a disgusting act of racism. I hope the perpetrator is caught and brought to justice (even […]

  • Food Review: Haggis in a Can

    I took a trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake recently, and there is a little store there that sells stuff imported from Scotland. In addition to kilts and candy, I found something I knew I had to try: canned Haggis. It came out of the can looking and smelling just like dog food, right down to the slimy […]

  • Creativity vs. Teamwork

    When I was a kid, my report cards would often describe me as “an independent worker.” It’s one step above “doesn’t play well with others,” I suppose, but I wasn’t exactly a collaborator. As an adult, I get similar descriptions on my performance evaluations at jobs and grad school. But see, you know that saying about how if […]