Month: July 2011

  • Evolution's Failures

    I think it’s hilarious to imagine evolution’s failures. Think of how our digestive systems are able to function no matter which way we’re sitting or lying, carrying food to the right place in a peristaltic wave, even if it’s going against gravity. Think of the pre-human who didn’t get that gene. He’s all like, “check out this […]

  • Concert Review: The Black Keys with Cage the Elephant at the JLC, July 12 2011

    The Black Keys were slow to grow on me. For the last five years I’ve heard the muted hype surrounding them, but it wasn’t until last year’s album Brothers that I really gave in to their genius. At least I was primed in time for when the John Labatt Centre’s Twitter feed announced1 that they were […]

  • Device Review: Condiment Gun

    Back on Father’s Day, I figured The Met market was the perfect place to find a gift. Fathers are, after all, old, and thus have probably already acquired all common material possessions they need at some point in their long lives. They need something unique. Few are lucky enough to have acquired possessions from the […]