Month: June 2011

  • Catapostrophe

    I have been thinking a lot about apostrophes lately. I believe apostrophes are very important blotches of ink. Last weekend, signs all over London advertised the “Kids Expo” in Victoria Park. Now see, leaving out the apostrophe (i.e., “kids” instead of “kids’” or “kid’s”) should lead any thoughtful English-speaker to doubt that this is some […]

  • The Plan

    My infrequent blogging lately is a symptom of two things: 1) Working all day / partying all night. 2) Waiting for something worth writing about before writing. However, I’ve always insisted that the best blogs are the ones that give an insight into the consciousness of the blogger. Such blogs are usually best done in […]

  • Tweeting With the Stars, Volume 7: Chris Harrison

    Chris Bharrison Harrison has been the host of The Bachelor and its spinoffs for the past decade. Last night, just after the latest Bachelorette1, I discovered a horrible secret. Call the presses! Specifically, Fox News, because they’ll confuse comedy with real news and make me famous for blowing the lid off this scandal. Oh and […]

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