Month: October 2010

  • Joe No

    When I was a kid—maybe grade 7 or 8—an unusual school assembly was held. We gathered in an auditorium and listened to a man talk about something that was ostensibly educational. I don’t remember the topic; maybe it was about the political system or something. What I do remember is that this man talked more […]

  • London Ontario Zombie Walk 2010

    The sun may have been out today, but it didn’t keep some delightfully dark Londoners from hitting the streets for the annual zombie walk.  This. This is what makes me proud to live in this city.  Bwahahah. The foot. THE FOOT. Bwhahah. Kevin probably took much better pictures. Zombie Elvis + zombie Elvis fan. Nothing […]

  • Bling

    If there is one thing I’ve never fully understood, it’s extravagant jewelry. Nothing says “human existence is pointless” like working your ass off to save enough money to afford a bauble that serves no purpose other than to show how much you worked your ass off. Sure, an expensive diamond looks pretty. So does a fake one […]