Month: September 2010

  • New Twitter is Still Stupid

    Almost a year ago, I wrote about how Twitter is stupid, but could easily be made smarter.  A nice time to make it better would be when completely revamping the web site. So when I finally got “New Twitter” today, I had hope that it would fix all the little stupidities that made the old […]

  • LOLA 2010 2

    Here are a few more pictures and words about LOLA fest 2010. (Part 1 is here). This tank/candy/paint thing was one of the few visual art installations at LOLA. It wasn’t all visual though, because it constantly radiated sounds of distorted voices and music, like a broken toy. I found it kind of awesome. I […]

  • LOLA 2010

    I was incredibly lucky to be asked to join the digital media team at LOLA Fest this year. For the past 3 days I’ve been wandering Victoria Park with a shiny new BlackBerry, taking pictures and video, tweeting, and making sure the not-always-live-stream has stuff on it. I’ll write more later, but here is a […]

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