Month: July 2010

  • The Horrors of Internet Dating, Volume 8

    When you’re looking for someone to date, one of the most important things is having something in common. Luckily, OkCupid has advanced algorithms that can scour profiles and identify common interests. Thanks. That really helps this person stand out from everyone else. Although some people need more help standing out than others. Pro tip: if […]

  • On the BBC

    Hey look at that, I’m quoted in a feature on the front page of the BBC: Do Typefaces Really Matter? (near the end) If you’re visiting from the article, you may wish to see the post that inspired the reporter to give me a call: Fonts Don’t Matter. I wrote it to be a bit […]

  • Hammy Potter

    Trying to sleep in sticky heat with a fan blasting in my face tends to give me the best dreams. I won’t bore you with the details, but last night I dreamed that I went to see the latest Harry Potter movie. The dream seemed to go on for hours; every detail of the plot […]

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