Month: June 2010

  • “Not great, to be honest,” I said to the cab driver when he asked how I was. He proceeded to tell me about how bad his day was going—flat tire or something—but all London’s beautiful women made it better, he said as he almost ran one over. I grunted and nodded, but even as it […]

  • Puaj! More PWTIC Publicity

    Oh hey, I forgot to mention that my other blog, Putting Weird Things in Coffee (which is about putting weird things in coffee) has gotten some more publicity. This brief article appeared in an actual physical newspaper in Argentina called Clarin. Er, Clarín. I guess this is a big deal, because according to Wikipedia, it’s […]

  • A Kinect by Any Other Name

    One of my best friends just had a daughter. She went through her first few days of life without a name; just this generic mini-person with nothing to refer to her as. She now has a lovely name, but I can understand the difficulty in coming up with one that will serve her well for […]