Month: April 2010

  • The Horrors Delights of Internet Dating, Volume 7

    Not everyone on internet dating sites is deeply flawed (since I’m on them AMIRIGHT?CRICKETSETC). So this time, instead of making fun of poor people’s grammar, I’m going to highlight some profiles that are sort of awesome. (As usual, you might have to click to embiggen [that’s what she said {?}]) First, not everyone is on […]

  • How to Become a Good Housewife

    You’d think that being single for a long time would make a guy more stereotypically masculine. Wanting to fuck anything that moves, losing respect for women, becoming a slob, that sort of thing. However, for me at least, being single for a while (over a year and a half, you guys) has had some opposite […]

  • The Horrors of Internet Dating, Supplemental Issue

    Here are a few things that are related to my Horrors of Internet Dating series. Inspired by my adventures, Wendy has posted about her own OKCupid horrors: Must be Capable of Preparing a Turkey Dinner. I’m reminded a bit of Dimitri the Stud (you gotta listen to that if you haven’t already).1 On my last […]