Month: March 2010

  • Epiphanty

    So you guys. I’ve come to the relaization that the only time I really have to bolg is late at night when I come home and I’m kinda tipsy and I’m still pretty wired and can’t go tto sleep. Other times I jsut have so much shit to work on, that bolgoing becomes second fiddle, […]

  • On Ann Coulter, Tolerance, and the Subjectivity of Morality

    Ann Coulter, the conservative political commentator from the U.S., recently made a visit to Canada. First she visited my fine school, UWO, to talk then avoid questions and make a few racial slurs. Then she tried to talk at Ottawa, but backed down when she discovered a shocking truth: people here don’t really like her. […]

  • Book Review: Some Girls Are, by Courtney Summers

    I’ve been a huge Courtney Summers fan for about a year. I don’t mean a fan of her books, but of Courtney Summers herself. As soon as I heard her interview on I Should be Writing, with her brutal honesty about the struggle between writing and internet distractions, plus her palpable passion for zombies, I […]