Month: February 2010

  • First Person Plural

    We need to abandon the idea that each of us has one cohesive identity. Everyone possesses multiple personalities, each with their own set of motivations, goals, and quirks. Call them what you want, but there’s always the rational part, the mind, driven by cool rationality, always thinking it’s calculated what’s best for you. Then there’s […]

  • Book Review: Marvellous Hairy, by Mark A. Rayner

    The copy on the back of Marvellous Hairy bills it as a novel about a man who is turning into a monkey. However, it goes far beyond that. The story revolves around a giant, evil corporation nicknamed Gargantuan Enterprises, the people who want to bring it down, and before you know it, there are ghosts, […]

  • Lenzr Update: A Tangled Web of Gourmet Food in Action

    Hey remember yesterday when I said I was a sellout? Well, I’m being paid to write this post, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. Lenzr is holding another set of contests where you can win some great shit just for taking pictures and entering them. The first one is Best Gourmet Food, in which, […]

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