Matthew Good and Mother Mother Live at Centennial Hall, London Ontario

Yesterday, I had the good fortune of winning free tickets to the Matt Good show, courtesy of @London_events on Twitter. After walking to the London Free Press Building to pick them up, then to near Masonville after that, I was exhausted and kinda worried about falling asleep. But the music was so damn good that I couldn’t.

I’ve been a huge fan of the opening act, Mother Mother for the last year or so. I was pumped to see them live, and wasn’t disappointed. They sounded a lot heavier and more energetic in person; they literally had (weird) people dancing in the aisles. The only shitty part was that their act was so short. Matt Good I’d seen before at a festival, which wasn’t really the right venue for his music. He was a lot better at a show dedicated to him, playing a good mix of old and new, familiar and unfamiliar. He stuck to the “here is the quiet part AND THEN THE LOUD PART and then the quiet part” type of songs that are best live.

After the show, we went for some drinks at Crabby Joe’s. Dan and I had a lengthy discussion about which of the two Mother Mother keyboardist / singers we’d like to marry, because they were both pretty from a distance. So we Googled them for a better look. Amazingly, the bar then played one of Mother Mother’s songs. Weird! What a coincidence!

A few minutes later, our server asked use if we’d heard of Mother Mother. Well yeah, we were just at their show. She then told us that the band had been sitting right behind us as we Googled them and talked about which one we’d like to Google.1

Oh, and Matt Good’s band was there too. Apparently they were mildly douchy, and signed their brown paper tablecloth with the provided crayons. Our server gave it to me because she secretly loves me.

She signed it too. I don’t really care about Matt Good’s band’s autographs (and grease stains), but as a signed gift from the beautiful Crabby Joe’s waitress, I will cherish it forever.


1 The server also told us that there was only one female member of the band. THEN WHO WAS PHONE?




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