Month: October 2009

  • A Fuck You to PlayTV Canada

    UPDATE (Dec. 5 2009): There is some fruitful discussion of this scam going on over at, um, “another blog”: See Play TV Canada is a Scam and Play TV Canada Has No Legs. I see this “show” on sometimes when I flip on the TV before bed, and I can’t turn away. It’s the most […]

  • What Scares Me

    Given the time of year, a lot of people have been writing about what scares them (see EvilFlu, CarissaJaded, SnoopDogg). Never one to avoid a bandwagon, here is what scares me: WolvesTo me, a wolf with its teeth bared is one of the most frightening images I can think of. If something is going to […]

  • Normal Activity

    It’s Halloween time, so as one would expect, many ghostly happenings have been … happening. A few nights ago I had a lovely date night with myself. I got some snacks and some wine, turned off all the lights except for a single candle, and sat down to watch a scary movie. I’d never seen […]