Month: June 2009

  • Michael Jackson is Dead

    I always feel weird when I see a headline like “Michael Jackson Dies.” Dies; like dying is just one of those things he does. Something he makes a habit of including in his life. Sorta like, “oh, watch out for that dog, he bites.” But maybe it’s appropriate, because let’s not forget, on top of […]

  • iPhone 3GS Impressions

    So I just got an iPhone 3GS. There are already lots of reviews of it out there, so I’ll try to make my impressions about non-obvious things … or at least use the word “fuck” more than other reviewers. Bad things: Why the fuck can’t I sync my calendar and contacts (or music, if I […]

  • The Psychology of Your Rogers Bill

    Here’s a little lesson in what us psychology types call framing. Suppose a company offers you the following deal on your utilities: If you have cell phone service with our company, and you sign up for cable TV with us, you have the option to receive a 10% discount off the regular price on both […]