Year: 2009

  • An Old Man Reflects on Life

    I’ve been blogging for over ten years. There probably aren’t many people in the world who can say that. I’m actually getting closer to 15 years of web logging now, given that I invented blogging. Which raises the question (but doesn’t beg the question; please stop using it that way ok?): have I not found…

  • The Best Most Listened to Albums of 2009: Honourable Mentions (#ldnfavs09)

    Like I said last year, I can’t really say what the best music of the year is. I haven’t listened to every album that has come out, and I’m no music critic. What I can do is say which albums captured my ears enough to listen to over and over. Luckily, keeps track of…

  • Another PlayTV Canada Update

    The ongoing fight against shitty television continues. See the latest developments here. If only I could apply myself like this to something that’s actually important, eh? Ah well, baby steps. Or little legless kitten steps.

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