Month: November 2008

  • Done

    Excerpt and stuff here.

  • Pushing Buttons

    The other day, I was over at Zucket, and saw that Sass’s musical friend Caitlin Burgess had played a show recently. At that show, she sold her CDs, along with a free button for anyone who bought one. Since I had bought her CD earlier, but did not get a free button, I was all…

  • Book Review: Snuff by Chuck Palahniuk

    In Snuff, Chuck Palahniuk takes on the world of porn. It’s not like this is a big departure from his previous material (see my reviews for Invisible Monsters and Haunted), so he’s right at home here. Snuff tells the story of an aging porn star who sets out to break the world gangbang record; 600…

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