Month: September 2008

  • Seagull You Fly

    Since I decided to learn guitar, I’ve been practicing on this ancient one that my dad has had forever. It looks like this: For as long as I remember, my dad’s had this guitar. I’m pretty sure it’s older than me. That little discoloration near the bottom is where a sticker of the Playboy bunny […]

  • To-Do List

    To-do: Start a career. Find a soul mate. Buy a car. Learn to play a musical instrument. Write a novel. Make meaningful and lasting contributions to the well-being of life on earth. Eat a bag of circus peanuts in one sitting. Get in a cab and scream “DRIVE!”

  • The Reverse-LOLcat

    Commenting on the popularity and profitability of LOLcats, Tornwordo asks: What’s the next big stupid idea that can make us rich? There must be something. I’m glad you asked, Tornwordo. I specialize in stupid ideas. The answer to your question is: pictures of text that is poorly worded or in broken English, with “captions” made […]

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