Month: May 2008

  • Away Message

    I probably won’t be blogging for approximately two weeks. If you keep coming back here every day and getting disappointed and/or suicidal because there is nothing new to read, here is what you can do. Look at the white square below and imagine a really awesome, though-provoking post in it, or a picture of a […]

  • Things That Have Been Weighing Heavily on My Mind

    “Mother tongue” is a really gross-sounding way of identifying one’s native language. It brings to mind images of either a very large tongue, or a sentient tongue that pops out little baby tongues. There is a commercial on the radio for some kind of truck, advertising that you can “drive on roads that have never […]

  • Douche Love

    You know Hot Chicks With Douchebags ? I’ve thought that maybe it’d be cool to recruit some girls to do a gender reversed version. Something like “Hot Guys with Stupid Bitches”. My fear, however, is that the exact same pictures could be featured on both sites.

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