Month: April 2008


    In HMV today, I was behind a very old couple, who were asking about the Wii game Bully. The girl working at the counter was explaining to them that it’s really not all that violent or controversial of a game when you actually play it. The best part was that the old couple totally seemed […]

  • Light My Fire

    There ain’t nothin’ better than sittin’ around a roarin’ camp fire on a cool summer night, drinkin’ and eatin’ cheese-filled Grill’ems. The best part is that your coat smells like camp fire for days afterwards. Such a good smell. Plans for today include hung-over proctoring. I forgot to bring a book or Nintendo DS for […]

  • Lost Tapes

    I haven’t been as geeky as I like to be lately. Being busy with school and other stuff, I just haven’t been able to keep up with the world of video games, movies, TV, etc. A nice example of this is when I was at the gym (a decidedly ungeeky place to be), and saw […]