Month: February 2008

  • Throw Away. Do Not Eat.

    I recently bought Guitar Hero 3 for the 3rd time (the first two had defective guitars…this one seems fine so far). But in addition to a sweet plastic guitar, the box comes with several of these little packets of silica gel, with the stern command on them to throw them away, and not eat them. […]

  • Return of the Living Commercial People

    I’ve written before about how there are actually only a few people in television commercials, who you see over and over again in dozens of different ads (see Night of the Living Commercial People). I have identified another one of these people. You probably recognize Natalie Brown as the hot chick from the Baileys Irish […]

  • Obay Go

    I saw news of these ads popping up in Toronto, and thought they were pretty awesome. A nice sarcastic reminder for parents not to be douchebags, and for kids to not be afraid of creativity. I recently caught a glimpse of some Obay ads on the sides of buses here in London, so it’s spreading. […]