Month: January 2008

  • Hiatus

    Here are some reasons that I haven’t had time for, or haven’t felt like, blogging lately: I’ll be back in a while.

  • Missing Persons

    Even though I only really have a few real friends, my MSN list is populated with dozens and dozens of “buddies” who I never talk to. I don’t even know who half of them are. The most interesting of these people, however, are the ones who got on my list somehow, maybe I talked to […]

  • Book Review: Stumbling on Happiness, by Daniel Gilbert

    As anyone who has studied any psychology knows, humans have one of the most advanced brains out of all the animals on this planet, but they’re far from perfect. There are a lot of situations in which our brains make minor mistakes, and some situations in which they outright betray us. Stumbling on Happiness is […]