Month: April 2007

  • Book Review: The Colorado Kid, by Stephen King

    Casual fans of Stephen King might have missed this book. It came out in 2005 as a little paperback published by Hard Case Crime – a small publisher of pulp mystery novels. I didn’t know it existed until recently. This is a tiny little story. The entire tale unfolds as a single conversation taking place […]

  • Test: If You Can Understand This, You Are a Nerd

    If I have all my specials up, I can drop a mob faster than any other class, and I have all toons at 15 now. If you get a big mace in your mainhand, your aim crit will be 200+, doesn’t take long to mow thru stuff at that rate. Burglar DPS is very very […]

  • Optimism + Pessimism

    I have two very clever things to say about the weather: The cool thing about having two winters this year, is that we also get to have two springs. Spring is nice. As the end of the school year nears, and the undergrad students all leave to go home, the campus is finally as beautiful […]