Year: 2007

  • Why Your Dog is Smarter Than You

    You know how sometimes, someone will pretend to throw a dog’s toy, and the dog will start running for it even though it never left their hand, and then they laugh and laugh about how dumb the dog is for thinking they threw a toy when they didn’t? I don’t think that’s dumb at all.…


    The following conversation took place on Digg recently. I made a small contribution, which started a beautiful spiral into stupidity. The last comment is definitely the best, though. (you’ll probably have to click to read) See also: I Win at Digg.

  • Icicle Lights

    You know, I really just can’t get into icicle Christmas lights. They’re ugly and stupid. The worst part is that they don’t look at all like icicles. Icicles aren’t spots of light in a jagged zig-zag pattern with bundles of wire between them. At least traditional Christmas lights can be arranged in a nice row.…

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