Month: April 2006

  • Digital Audio is Awesome

    Check out this ad for a CD player from the 80s (click for a bigger view). It seems pretty hilarious from our current perspective, where CDs are becoming obsolete, but if you want to you can get a CD player for $10.00 and one is built into pretty much every other electronic device. I guess […]

  • What the Phuck is a Phronk?

    A few people have recently asked where my nickname, Phronk, came from. My origin goes all the way back to Grade 9, when I was blasted with gamma radiation from space in gym class lining up to do the pole vault. A few other dudes and I were getting to know each other. One of […]

  • Ugly Toilet Cake

    My friends and I have a tradition of baking ugly cakes. Often, when there is an event to celebrate such as a birthday, we will bake such a cake to commemorate it. They are all edible, but have something about them which qualifies them as “ugly”. Past examples include a cake with a log cabin […]