Month: January 2006

  • In The News

    There are two news stories I wish to discuss today. First, the controversy over James Frey’s book “A Million Little Pieces”. Apparently it’s not a true story, despite being classified as non-fiction. This pissed off Oprah and lots of other people. OK, I understand that it sucks to be fooled. Reading a book that you […]

  • Scientology Sucks Ass

    I just saw the episode of South Park which makes fun of Scientology and Tom Cruise. Funny stuff. You can see the full episode here. Apparently it’s not piracy because the creators don’t care when people download South Park off the internet. Whatever. In the episode, Stan takes a “free personality test” and learns that […]

  • My Second Politics Post

    So, Canada has a new government. I’m really not into politics, but it was an interesting election. Here is a picture of the new president prime minister, being even more creepy than he normally is by standing in front of a giant picture of his own creepy eyes. Creepy. I don’t disagree with everything the […]