Strippers in The Zoo

Saugeen Maitland Hall at UWO is known as the trashiest place on campus. It lived up to its reputation recently, when a handful of girls decided to do a striptease for a dude’s birthday, and capture it all on camera. Of course, the pictures got on the internet and were forwarded to pretty much every student at UWO and beyond. Rumours swirled that the girls would be kicked out of the residence and/or university.

Now I see that The Toronto Star has posted an article about it. Apparently what people do for fun in their own home is big news now. Luckily, it looks like nobody will be punished for the strippification. Why the hell should they be? The residence is their (temporary) home, and it’s not illegal to do a striptease in your home. I strip all the time. I even shower naked.

I’m glad the people with power seem to feel the same way as me. Although it disturbs me to see that UWO may have rules about distributing pornography. Huh? That’s not illegal…and has nothing to do with academics…so why should the university have anything at all to do with it?

Oh, and you probably want to see the stripper pictures which were passed around. Here you go, pervert. Please Mr Big Brother University Administration, don’t kick me out of grad school for posting a link to evil nudity. I know all the consenting adults who read this may be corrupted for life, but all I know how to do is write exams and papers. If you kicked me out into the real world, I’d be forced to find a real job and live above the poverty line. It would be horrible. HORRIBLE.



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