Site Update: Ad Removal, Other Stuff

I’ve removed the crappy Rogers-Geocities ad from this site! You probably never noticed it, but it was the ugly thing hanging out there in the upper right, never really showing ads but just taking up space and getting in the way.

Now I have shiny new ads right above the latest post. These should display content which is actually related to stuff I’ve posted about, which is kind of neat. Plus I get paid for those ads, instead of Rogers getting paid. Especially if you click on them, even if you have no intent to buy anything. Am I allowed to say that? Probabably not, but it’s not like they can expect me to read that long user agreement thing. Legal contract my ass.

I’ve also rearranged some stuff (e.g. the “Writing” section to the right there) to make it look nicer and work with the new ad-free site. But nobody will notice that except me.

Update: I just checked my ad account, and I have made just under $1.00 in ad revenue! At this rate, it will only be about 10 more years before I reach the $100 minimum before they send a cheque out. It’s like 50 Cent says…I’m gonna Get Rich or Die Tryin’. Bitch. Or something.