This is a Post About Mistakes I Have Made in This Blog and Also Includes a Random Picture

I came across this article today, which is about the top 10 mistakes in blogging. What I find funny is that some of the “mistakes” are things encouraged by this article about “how to blog”. For example, some of the mistakes in the first article are about not being personal enough, while the second article recommends you keep your blog anonymous and hide it from your friends and family, so that you can write whatever the hell you want.

Reading both of these articles, I’ll take some advice from each. One mistake mentioned in the first is that the headings of blog postings should be descriptive, and not cute clever things that make no sense out of context. That describes almost every one of my titles. So I will make them clearer from now on. The second article implies that random pictures are good, because people like pictures. So here is a random picture of a snowman on a tractor. Isn’t it COOL? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAFHFSDAjklf

In general, I think it’s odd to blog about blogging, which is what a lot of bloggers do. It’s kinda like listening to a person who only talks about talking. There’s really no content to it, it’s just information about itself. So I’ll stop blogging about blogging and log out like a snogging frog.



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