The Cowboy Menace

I have noticed a growing cowboy problem in London as of late. Last night I went to Downtown Kathy Brown’s * , and it seemed like half of the people there were wearing cowboy hats. What the hell?

And a few nights earlier, we were getting into our brand new car, when we were accosted by three cowboys. They told use that they had come into town to do some car tipping.

We managed to get away with our lives by letting them sit in our car. Too bad they got their dirty dirty cowboy dirt all over the formerly spotless floormats.

When will it end?

* P.S. I think I also got poisoned at Downtown Kathy Brown’s. I woke up puking this morning, even though I really didn’t drink that much. I also felt cold and shaky, which is unusual for a hangover. It was probably a cowgirl, slipping something into my drink so she could slip into my pants. Too bad I’m taken. Stupid cowgirls.



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