Month: October 2005

  • Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween everybody! Since it is difficult to give out candy over the internet, I have a few Halloween presents for you in the form of links to fun stuff. First of all, click here to see Jessica Alba completely naked (warning: links from that site may contain porn). Enjoy, boys and lesbians. * Second, […]

  • More Fun With Owls

    Now, whenever somebody says something that they think is funny, but actually is not funny, I will think of this owl. Soon my thoughts will consist entirely of text plastered over pictures of owls.

  • I'm Going Insane. O RLY?

    I hate it when stupid internet stuff gets stuck in my head. For example, lately whenever someone says “oh really?”, or I find myself saying it, this image pops into my head: This has been posted all over the internet. It’s not really funny…it barely even makes sense (but see here for a bit of […]

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