The Neighbours (Part 1)

As some of you know, V and I recently moved to a new place. It’s a little townhouse near the university, which is quite nice. However, one thing which is both amusing and annoying, is that our neighbours are completely fucked up. We can see the row of townhouses and a parking lot across from us by looking out the front window, and since that’s where the neighbours’ kids (of which there are about 200) tend to play, we have a good view of them a lot of the time.

There are lots of fun stories to tell you about them, so I’ll split this into a few parts, and keep you updated on their exploits.

One thing they have been doing lately is playing with the family car. A few days ago we looked out our window to find 5 or 6 kids crawling all over the car. With shoes and everything, they were stomping on the roof of the car and climbing up and down the windshield. A few other kids apparently felt left out, so they started swarming the van next door.

This isn’t really new. I frequently hear horns honking outside, because the kids think it’s HILARIOUS to go into a car and honk the horn. Apparently the parents agree, because they leave the doors unlocked and don’t do anything about it. Another fun game the kids play is “tossing a baseball bat around in the parking lot”, and metallic clunking sounds are not uncommon, as they play it right beside the family car. This car also recently acquired a big scratch along its side to match the footprints and baseball bat marks. Apparently the parents are as shitty at driving as they are at parenting.

Just today was another demonstration. V looked out the front window and thought one of the kids was shitting in the parking lot. Upon closer examination though, he was actually just squatting under the car, right behind the rear wheel. Not really a good place to hang out.

But hey, I don’t have kids, so I won’t tell anybody else how to raise their kids. Maybe being squished like a grape by multi-tonne chunks of metal is good for them.

To be continued…




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