Pixels and Penises

You know, it’s a bit scary that video game characters are beginning to look like real people. Soon…like in November, when the next generation of consoles come out…game graphics will be approaching photo realism. It’s just weird that someone can control a real-looking duplicate of a famous actor and make them do whatever they want.

You know what surprises me though? That there aren’t any hardcore porn games yet (at least not in North America). Graphics are good enough now that it wouldn’t just be jerking off to vaguely flesh-coloured pixels. Make the virtual porn stars look like celebrities, and thousands of horny teenagers’ dreams would come true. This, and the interactivity aspect, could make it much more, um, engaging than traditional porn.

Then again, most games require two hands, so maybe the challenge is in designing a game that can be played with just one.

P.S. I wish Morgan Freeman was blind.



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