Month: August 2002

  • Nipples I was at a web site called The Straight Dope, and it was explaining to me why males have nipples. That itself was interesting, but I came across the following paragraph: Human nipples appear in the third or fourth week of development, well before the sex characteristics. (The sex hormones start to assert themselves […]

  • randomness Sometimes I think that a really good reason to do something is simply because it’s never been done before. For example, I bet the phrase “grapefruit flavoured band-aid” has never been uttered before. I will use it as much as possible today. Song of the Moment: Paralyzed by The Cardigans (a very underrated band, […]

  • Life Kicks Ass Wow, I haven’t update this site in a while. It’s been so long that all my chest hair has grown back since my last post. So, I was away in North Carolina for most of the summer studying parapsychology, and I just got back a week or two ago (I’m getting so […]