Ok so now I’m really done school. Phew. This was my busiest semester ever, so I’m glad it’s over.

So now the question is…what should I do for the next month? Well first of all, I need to buy some canvas and start painting stuff. I’ve been meaning to start painting again, but I haven’t really painted anything since high school. See what university does? It sucks the creativity right out of you. I wonder where all that sucked creativity goes to. Obviously not to Hollywood or the music industry. Well, maybe to people like Spike Jonze, or Radiohead, perhaps Mr. Bungle. The rest of the creativity must be locked up in the basement of the university, just waiting for someone to steal it.

Speaking of stealing (God, I’m so good at transitions), last night I saw the wonderful heist movie, Ocean’s 11. It was a nice smart yet brainless movie that kept me awake despite waking up way too early. It’s weird how Brad Pitt is in so many good movies. That guy has it all…girls like him because he’s friggin hot, and everyone likes him because he’s in good movies. Oh, and I’m happy to say that Julia Roberts was barely in Ocean’s 11. What’s with her? She’s not even close to being attractive, she’s got an annoying laugh, she can’t act, and yet she managed to steal an academy award from Ellen Burstyn last year. I really don’t like her…I don’t like her one bit.

Ok so here are my plans for this Holiday season (a.k.a Christmas): Steal all the creativity from the univeristy, paint some wonderful paintings, sell them for a billions dollars, then use that money to bribe Julia Roberts into quitting showbusiness forever.



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