Month: November 2001

  • Weirdness So check this out. I’m at work right now, and out my window I have a beautiful view of the Social Science Building parking lot, and it’s pouring rain outside. The weird thing is, the row of parking spaces closest to the door is empty. No cars. The rest of the parking lot is […]

  • So I saw this movie called “Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone” last night. If you’re from the USA, you’re probably wondering why it’s not “Sorcerer’s Stone”. Well, wake up, idiot! The original book was called Philosopher’s Stone, plus in real life alchemists tried to make a Philosopher’s Stone to give them eternal life. So, the […]

  • I got the funniest junk e-mail today. The subject line was “++>Attract Men with Bigger Breasts! (17028).” Hahah. Yeah, I’m tired of attracting small-breasted men, maybe I should buy their product.